1. vlorin:

    L’enfant du pays 

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  3. Marina & Ulay.

  5. The many lives and outfits of Bill Murray.

    {artwork by Brazilian artist Niege Borges}


  6. The Great Gatsby
    orginal book jacket by Francis Cugat.
    New York, 1925. 

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  7. Illustration by Yanee Kongnakhu.

  8. Can you find the differences?

    In 1984 the single for What Difference Does It Make? came out. It featured on the cover Terrence Stamp in an outtake from the 1965 movie The Collector. But the actor objected to his image being used and Morrissey posed for a reenactment of the original photo, except he is shown mockingly holding a glass of milk instead of a chloroform pad.
    Later on, Stamp changed his mind and in 1988 the first cover was reinstated. 

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  9. Anonymous guerrilla art installation in Las Vegas, very likely to be linked to the #OCCUPY movement.
    Reminded me of Cattelan's provocative works.

  11. Les Amours Imaginaires
    [Xavier Dolan - Canada - 2010]

  13. MUST. HAVE. NOW.

  14. Oh, childhood.

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